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Copper Tube

Brassco Copper Tubes are manufactured using Phosphorus Deoxidized Copper Alloy (C122, pure copper that has been deoxidized with phosphorus). This form of alloy makes 

Brassco tubes have relatively low electrical conductivity and has excellent soldering & brazing properties, and exceptional capacity for being hot formed or cold worked. 


Seamless Copper Tubes that are tempered are 5.8 meters long and varies in diameter and thickness. Copper tubes are hard annealed, a preferred option for long distance pipelines. Available in three standards; ASTM B88, ASTM B280 and ASTM B819.

Seamless Copper Coils are soft annealed with a standardized length of 15 meters. Copper coils are relatively more flexible compared to copper tubes, the best choice for air conditioning installations. Available in ASTM B280 standard.

Paired Seamless Copper Coils (ASTM B280) layered with heat-insulating sheath providing a superior insulation. Most ideal for rapid ,cost effective split air-conditioning installations. Options are available for different AC and refrigerant used.

PVC Coated Copper Coils (ASTM B280) are produced for heavy duty usage where the ambient conditions are harsh (Extreme heat exposure, Electrical currents, Corrosive substances, etc.)

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